Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fastest 18 Holes Ever

Today, we went miniature golfing, at Ben's request. I recall the last time we went mini golfing at the old course on Gulf Boulevard (the one I remember going to as a kid!), and I had to post pictures from back then. This was almost exactly three years ago (Ben was just shy of three years old) and he had a major meltdown on, I think, Hole #16. Check it out:

What a difference a couple of years makes! Today's golfing experience was just as hot, but our kids are a whole lot more laid back now. Phew. Makes for a much more enjoyable time. I noticed that I took very similar photos this time that I did last time:

When we got home, Grandpal (that's Grand-paaawwl, in case you are wondering, and how Ben actually spells it) came over and we went to the pool. Eva and I were hanging out on the raft, and Ben was pulling us around the pool when somehow, his very loose bottom tooth got caught on one of the holes in the raft and got yanked out! AAAHHH! He freaked out a little bit, since this was his first tooth that came out totally on its own (the first three were "wiggled out" by the dentist after his playground accident). Unfortunately, we could not find the tooth that fell  out! We did our very best to search the pool, deck, and even the raft, but no luck. I am certain the Tooth Fairy understands that these things happen, right?

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