Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Although we have no major vacation plans for the summer, we try to get out of the house for some fun every once in a while! Here are some of the highlights of our summer so far:

Ben going down head-first at the Dunedin Splash Park


Love playdates with Grant (and his parents!)!

Can you get any cuter?

Snacks at Albert Whitted Park - pretty, but no shade

Again, pretty view

Playdate with Michael (face blocked b/c I don't know if his parents would be okay with me posting him on a public blog)
Our favorite beach, Pass-a-Grille

Eva driving the boat at the Glaser Children's Museum

We met Grant and Michael there - they all loved the fire truck!

Eva made a garden

Ben and Greg took the Mustang to the car show and "won" a trophy. Ben didn't put it down for about 24 hours straight.

Swim lessons at Fossil Park

Yup, that's Ben on the high dive! No fear at the Twilight Swim Night!
Some guy offered to take our picture in front of the aquarium

Playing at the Florida Aquarium (weird...didn't get any photos inside the aquarium!)

Lowry Park Zoo - how hard is it to get a good photo of three kids, 5 and under?

Impossible, but at least Eva looks smashing!

Carosel time!

The Flying Banana ride! Eva was running back to me to see the picture here

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