Wednesday, July 20, 2011

House Party!

 Well, no, not really. Sounds exciting, though, right? This week, we're sticking close to home. No big plans, other than tennis lessons and possibly hitting the beach on Friday. I try to keep things sort of fun, even if we're just hanging out around here.

We do some science-y kinds of things a lot. Ben has been creating potions, generally consisting of water, salt, liquid soap of some sort, and maybe even some sprinkles thrown in for good measure. We also did a little sink vs float investigation, in which Ben made predictions, observations, and recorded the data (gosh, I sounds like a teacher...oh wait...)
Check out those goggles: Safety first!

Eva has to lend a helping hand  

The results (I don't know why it's turned)

The happy scientist
Inspired by my new favorite time sucker, Pinterest, I made a hopscotch grid in our living room with painter's tape. While I was making it, Ben kept commenting, " you think Dad's gonna get mad? I think Dad's not going to like this." I had to reassure him multiple times that painter's tape would not stick to the floor permanently.

I've been on kind of a croissant kick, so we've had two delicious croissant based snacks this week. One was this AMAZING cinnamon sugar cheesecake croissant thingie:
(Forgot to take a picture - this is from the recipe!)

The other was a peanut butter chocolate chip croissant thingie. Seriously yum.
Eva was my helper (when she wasn't stealing the chocolate chips. See that face? That cute little mouth is filled with chocolate chips)

It was a hit! Ben ate three! And, yes, that's spilled milk. Welcome to my world.
 And finally, we have been spending a lot of time at the pool. Eva is getting to be a great little swimmer. She has absolutely no fear (which is kind of scary), loves to jump, and actually swims under water. She doesn't even try to keep her head above water. The key is getting her to use her arms and legs all the time! She is pretty good about swimming either to me, to the step, or to the side, though. Ben, of course, is an awesome swimmer. He has learned a bunch of different kinds of floats in swimming lessons, and has a sort of crazy free-style thing going on. He also loves to jump in, and I would like him to learn how to dive.
This is the first time that I feel confident to not be in the pool while the kids are in the pool. Of course, I am right there, and I tell Eva to stay on the stairs if I am not in the pool. She likes to play on the stairs, so it's okay.

Doing the crab crawl


Blowing water out the back of the noodle

Taking a breather and looking adorable

Silly faces!

Riding a horsey - "Heeheheeheeeheeheeheee!!!" That's Eva's version of "Neigh!"

They both loved jumping on to the raft

Next week, I have a couple of trainings to attend, so the kids will be with Aunt Kathy and Uncle John (Helllllloooooo, Chuck-E-Cheese!!!). They are looking forward to it!

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