Friday, July 8, 2011

Kindergarten Reflections

I can't believe Ben will be in 1st grade in just a few short weeks. It really is amazing how far he's come this year, despite being the youngest in his class and being one of 32 students. He went into kindergarten knowing his alphabet, almost all of his letter sounds (he got tripped up over a few vowel sounds) and one sight word. That's right, one sight word. Although Greg and I have read to him since, well, before he was born, he never expressed any enthusiasm to learn to read or spell himself, no matter what kind of subtle or fun kinds of learning tricks I came up with. I figured he'd learn on his own time, and we'd be there to encourage and help him grow. Well, he most certainly has! At the end of the school year, he knew the 30 (?) basic sight words needed to exit kindergarten, plus an additional 88! So, from one measly sight word at the end of August, to over 120 at the beginning of June. And that's JUST sight words. He reads a ton of other words, too. We read a book together this afternoon called Kronosaurus, which was wordy and far too advanced for him, but we took turns reading, and he was able to read many of the captions himself. And he understood it.

So, in Kindergarten, Ben learned to read, write, do lots of math, and more. He was awarded a certificate for "the best science mind" (we know he didn't get that from me!), and he earned two E's on his final report card, in writing (WOW!) and science, and S's everywhere else. He made some good friends (especially Michael), he had his first of many unsupervised playdate (well, unsupervised meaning one of his relatives wasn't present!), he was invited to many birthday parties, and he added a whole nother dimension to my own school year!

Here are some of the highlights from Ben's kindergarten year:
First day of school - see all the presents from his birthday party the weekend before?

In Mama's classroom - first day of school

First morning work of kindergarten

Happy in kindergarten

Proud Mama and Ben

Watching a movie on the big screen after school in Mom's room

Skating Party - first time on wheels!

He made it about 1/4 way around the rink - like this!

And then it was time to play games!

Out past 8pm on a school night = EXHAUSTION!!!

Ben's Big Buddy, Honor, and a kindergarten friend

Ben dressed as his favorite book character, Rikki Tikki Tavi, for Halloween at school

Gorrie Walk-a-Thon

Third grade class playdate - he fit right in!

Eva was there, too!

Polar Express/PJ Day!

Gorrie Gala Outing - Candy College at City Sweets Treats

The graduation from Candy College dance

Cotton candy party with Big Buddy, Honor

Another third grade class playdate - playing with the boys!

Eva loved my girls. The feeling was mutual.

Board games with buddies

Gorrie Gala Prize - Teacher of the Day

Co-Teacher of the Day: Finley

Playground Accident!!!

Kindergarten Carnival

Good Buddies - Michael and Mason

Last day of school


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