Thursday, July 14, 2011


We've been trying to encourage Ben to give organized sports a try for the past...lemme see...two years? He has always expressed an interest in playing sports with us, at home, but we always have to play by Ben's Rules. Which are never very explicit, so he usually ends up getting frustrated that we're not playing right. I'm pretty sure that's normal for kids his age, right? Right?!? So, anyway, since he's always taken a liking to playing tennis on the Wii, Greg suggested tennis lessons, and lo and behold, Ben was actually open to it! I immediately signed him up at Fossil Park, so as not to give him time to rethink this decision, and he's been going twice a week ever since. He really loves it. I think he's getting good at it, too! Here are a few photos from lesson #1:

Coach Charles does a great job with the kids - he's very patient and seems to have a lot of fun out there. They learn proper form and they play a lot of cute games that the kids love. There is usually a group of about 5-7 kids there on a given night, which works out really well. Tonight, the "big cool kids" asked Ben if he wanted to be on their team. Heehee.

Meanwhile, Greg, Eva and I have been doing our own exercising during part of Ben's tennis lesson! Greg runs (he is far to fast for me, sorry), and I try to fast-walk, pushing Eva in her stroller. I tried to jog the other day, but jogging while pushing a 20 pound stroller with a 30 pound kid inside is a totally different beast than jogging solo with an I-pod. So....I will definitely be WALKING on tennis evenings. I am planning to jog (by myself while Greg does bath with the kids) on two other nights during the week.

I must say, I do not like to exercise, but when everyone's involved, it's a tiny bit more palatable!  

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